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      Welcome !

     In order to compete, a dog must be registered with the Canine Association of South Australia ( DogsSA )  and the person submitting the application for measurement must be a financial member of DogsSA and be the person named on the dog's registration.
      If your dog has a pedigree certificate still in the name of the breeder, you have the option of transferring the dog's name to yours (with the breeder's signed consent from the back of that certificate) or the breeder must agree to sign all documents relating to the dog, including all entry forms for competition :
     you may need to discuss these options with the breeder.
     If your dog is a cross-breed, or was sold to you without 'papers' ( i.e: has no pedigree registration certificate )  which category includes all rescue dogs, it will be registered with DogsSA as an 'Associate', for which they need to have been de-sexed and microchipped, with documentation to that effect to accompany the registration application.
      The DogsSA web-site is not easily navigated by newcomers, but all necessary information and appropriate  forms are available under 'Downloads' 
using the search text box provided.
       To register a dog that hasn't previously been issued with a pedigree certificate, 
 key in 'Associate Register' then submit the completed form with the relevant fee to :
                                          Cromwell Road, Kilburn, S.A. 5064
                                               or  P.O. Box 844, Prospect East, S.A. 5082 . 

(Key in 'Scale of charges' to the search bar as above to determine the appropriate fees due.)
                    You can submit your membership application and your dog's registration application forms and fees at the same time .
The DogsSA office is usually very prompt in processing and responding to correspondence.

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