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                      2016 STATE OBEDIENCE / RALLY CHAMPIONS    

1st     John Fickling          OC Harvellie Sweet Delight

2nd     Alexa McKenzie     TrCh.(O,A) Calanais Kinky Boots RAE ADM ADO JDM JDO GDX
                                                                                                           SDX SPD

3rd.   - no qualifiers -                                                                                                                                

  John Fickling & 'Candy'                        Tash Davis & 'Zuma'


1st     Natasha Davis(& Kropman)    Aprilraine Red Zuma CDX RN NRA JD GD SD SPD

2nd     Julie Brown          Collieston Virginia Woof CD RAE ADX ADO JDX GD SDX SPDX                                                                                                      FS.N  HTM.N
3rd      John Fickling        OC HarvellieSweet Delight



1st       Karen Davis          Thistledust Black Pearl CCD
     (Handler: Irene Doburzynski)

 2nd      Sandra Reynolds     Tess

 3rd       Mike Holmes           Cody CCD

                          Irene D. with Karen Davis' 'Pearl'                Beth O'donnell with 'Shack'


1st      Beth O’Donnell          Shartooz String Quartet AD JD FS.S HTM.S

2nd      John Rawson             Bradycreek Star Stalker

3rd      I Nicholl & Penny MacLaren      Sambindor Sea of Magic


                          Rally Obedience

 RALLY NOVICE:         

1st     Janine Feil               Jadziah Real Wild Child CCD  
2nd    Beth O’Donnell         Shartooz String Quartet

3rd     Kiersten Coulter       Ngalla Wish Upon A Star CDX

 Janine Feil with 'Kiri'                   Toni McD with Julie Lyon's 'Mac'


1st     Julie Lyon                      Albajail Ben Mac Dhu CD RN ADX JDX SPD
           (Handler: Toni McDonald)

2nd     MD Keller                      Ch. Morgerot Anton CD RN ET

3rd     Jan Cooper                     Shartooz Quatro Banjo Player  CDX RN          
        (Handler: Carmel Nottle)



1st      Elisabeth Brady         Jasmine RA HTM.N FS.N ET

2nd     Jessie Hughes            Gr.Ch. Waldwieze Game Keepa at Poshwei CD RE ET NRA QND

3rd      Alexa McKenzie         Waveney Isle of Skye CD RE

                                                        Liz Brady & 'Jasmine'


1st       Elisabeth Brady           Jasmine RA HTM.N FS.N  ET

2nd      Sharon Baillie              Ch.Vulcan Magic At Shartooz RA JD
          (Handler: Robyn Mineff)

3rd       Julie Brown                 Collieston Rhythm and Rhyme CD RA FS.N HTM.S



1st      Alexa McKenzie            Waveney Isle of Skye CDX RE

2nd     Jenny Pearson              T.Ch. Misty CD RE ADX JDX GDX SDX SPDX

3rd      Carmel Nottle               Gypsy CCD RE NRA ET

     Alexa McKenzie & 'Skye'                    Danni McCulloch & 'Gabby'


1st       Daniella McCulloch      O.GrCh. AgCh.Gabrielle  RAE ADM JDM ADO JDO SDM GDM
                                                                                                     SPDM DWDS.F

2nd      Alexa McKenzie           OC Calanais One Fine Day ADM JDM SDX GDX SPDX

3rd       Alexa McKenzie           Ch. Calanais Beyond The Rave UD RE ADX JD GDX SD SPD

                             Congratulations !

Competition for the State Obedience Champion will be held in the Community Companion Dog, Novice, Open, Utility and Utility Dog Excellent classes, as well as Novice, Advanced and Excellent Rally-O, with Qualification Certificates awarded to successful entries. 

The trials are open to all competitors.

The State Champion in each class will be the team of dog & handler with the highest combined score over the two trials, one of which must be a qualifying score.

The Obedience Club Challenge will be run along similar lines to previous years and will also be based on the combined scores over the two trials.  Competition will be limited to CCD, Novice, Open and Utility Obedience classes only. 
Each club may nominate one representative for each class before the commencement of the Saturday trial.  The best three results for each club will
be used to determine the winning club.  

This means that if a club is unable to nominate a representative for all classes it can still be eligible for the trophy with its remaining three representatives.

The schedule for the Trials is to be published in the DogsSA February Journal.

Full rules for eligibility and scoring for the Obedience Club Challenge will be printed in the catalogue.

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