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This information is not routinely provided by DogsSA
and relies on titles gained as published in the DogsSA Journal,

so lags behind 'real-time' by delays in title applications, and in publication deadlines.
The first several titles listed here for 2016 were doubtless gained in 2015

so belated Congratulations are in order !

Shartooz Quatro Singing Blue CCD  (Aust. Shepherd)          S.Baillie / S.Knight  Thistledust Black Pearl CD RN         ( Aust. Shepherd)          Karen Davis
Ch. Oakridge Nukasan CCD NRA      ( G.S.P.)                     Jaydene MacKenzie
Labsnlife Freyja RN                         ( Lab.Ret.)                   Julianne Henry
Shadebush Black Knight CCD RA      ( Aust. Shepherd)         Michelle Beasley
Harley CCD                                    ( Lab.Ret.-X)                 B.Staschik

    Mirribandi Narellan                      ( Belgian - Groenendael)         Doug Burford  
    Strathblue Snow Lord CD RN              (Aust. Cattle Dog)             Linda Doman
   Stuartswell County Sadie                    ( Lab.Ret. )                      P. Richmond
    Ch.Highclere Never Mr Beat CD RN HTM.S   (Rough Collie)           Julie Brown



Ch. Habanero Grof No Remy   ( W-H Vizsla)  CDX RA RRD ORA     Gail Phoenix


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Ch.Erdos Santiago Munez CCD RN     ( Vizsla)           V & A Marsden, J. Wallis
Thistledust Black Pearl CD RN          ( Australian Shepherd)        Karen Davis
Dug CDX RN                                   (Border Collie)                    S.Collie  
Blake RN PT                                    (Coolie)                             Kathy Brown  
TriCh.(T/ED)Burrowa Blue Flame RN DWDF.S HTM.S (Border Terrier)  Tegan Whalan
Strathblue Snow Lord CD RN         (Aust. Cattle Dog)                 Linda Doman
Lily CD RN                                   ( Border Collie-X )                  Judy Zollo

ChocolateDog RA ADM ADO JDM JDO GD SDX SPDX  ( Kelpie)   Sue Laidler
Trixie  CCD RA                                 ( Scottish Terrier-X)        Tony Sumsion
Ozzie  CCD RA AD JDX GD SD SPD     (Dandie Dinmont-X )      Tracey Wasgind
D.Ch(Neut./T) Mylab Carla RA TSD      ( Lab.Ret.)                   Christine Hayes
Shadebush Black Knight CCD RA        ( Aust. Shepherd)          Michelle Beasley
Tookurra Midnite Passion CCD RA JD         ( B.C.)                    Jennie Sullivan
Tookurra Hi Jinks CDX RA JDX ADM GD SD SPD ( B.C.)            Jennie Sullivan
Quinora Play With Finnesse CD RA         (Border Collie)           Linda McKenzie

 Ch.Waldwieze GameKeepa at Poshvwei CD RE ET   (Weimaraner)   Jessie Hughes 

 ChocolateDog RA ADM ADO JDM JDO GD SDX SPDX  ( Kelpie)        Sue Laidler
 CycloneSally RE JD GD                                            ( Kelpie)        Sue Laidler
 Holly CD RE                                                     (Rough Collie )     Lorraine Watts

 Ag.Ch(200) Matty RE ADM5 ADO5 JDM6 JDO5 GDX SDM SPDM ( Chi-X)     Tracey Wasgind
 Neut.Ch. QuoVadis Knight Errant CDX RE             (G.S.D.)             Tony Sumsion
 Ch. & N.Ch. Kanberchic Ataeger Baby  RN PT       (Rottweiler)       Narelle Medlicott
Calanais Me and My Shadow CDX RAE                     (B.C.)   Merilyn Reynolds