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DogsSA's Hot Weather policy
Many of these catalogues are large files, usually because of embedded graphics, 
so in the interests of not exceeding the web-site's upload/download quota, it would be appreciated
if as many people as possible would join the local Obedience on-line interest group and access/
download their catalogues from the Dog Obedience South Australia Facebook page

Where files are particularly large, this page will link to the .pdf format, being a smaller file,
and the Word version made available in the Facebook group's Files :
i.e: often a bigger file, more easily edited to taste, but not so accessible on Macs/Phones.
                                   All approved schedules are available on the DogsSA 'Events' page:  

  Any difficulties experienced in viewing/downloading these files should be reported to the  web manager

Host Club/Venue                 Date                                  Schedule / Catalogue
Southern Districts K.& O.D.C.     Saturday Sept. 30th, 2023        Catalogue  - Obedience & Rally
Obedience, Rally, & double Tricks trials                                                                                         -  Tricks

South Australian O.D.C.        Sunday October 1st, 2023                         Obedience Catalogue       Obedience & Rally trials                     commencing at 10 a.m. and not bef. 1 p.m.            both here in Word and as .pdf's on FB        
                                                  N.B:  close of entries extended until September 15th        Rally Catalogue

Para District O.D.C.               Saturday October 14th, 2023                                 Schedule
 Obedience trial                                 commencing at 10 a.m.

     Border Collie Club of S.A.      Sunday October 15th, (at SAODC grounds)              Schedule
       Obedience, Rally, & Tricks .. entry restricted to Working Dog ( Gp.5) breeds inc. Sporting & Associate reg/n.

Blue Lake O.D.C.               Saturday & Sunday October 21st & 22nd, 2023           Schedule
          Obedience, Rally, & Agility trials  

    South Australian O.D.C.        Saturday November 4th , 2023                                 Schedule
Obedience & Tricks trials                     both commencing at not before 6 p.m.