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 Any dog continuing to compete beyond the Novice class in either Obedience or Rally in S.A. will need a to be measured in accordance with the DogsSA Rules, to determine their competition jump height category before entering their first trial at the higher level ( Open Obedience or Rally Advanced ).
    From those Rules, specifically take note:
6.. Height Cards for Obedience Dogs
(a) A dog must obtain an official SACA Height Card, signed by two ANKC Ltd Obedience or Agility Judges, specifying the height of the dog, before being eligible to enter an Open, Advanced Rally A or higher classes.. (01/18).

(b) The height of the dog must be measured at the highest point of the withers using an ANKC Ltd approved measuring device on a hard level surface. The dog may be measured three times, with the measurement to be recorded being the lowest height for the benefit of the dog. The height measurement is to be recorded on the Height Card which will be signed by the two measuring Judges.

(c) If the dog is less than eighteen months of age at the time of measuring, the Height Card will be provisional only and the dog must be re-measured once it is eighteen months of age.

(d) The Height Card issued after the dog has reached eighteen months of age will remain valid for the life of the dog.

(e) A Judge may request to re-measure a dog at a trial if they are of the clear opinion the height recorded in the catalogue appears inappropriate for that dog.
   To arrange for your dog to be measured you should contact Neil MacDonald by email
at:    or by telephone on  0409 559 995.



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