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These electronic entry formats have been approved by by DogsSA for use in Conformation
Shows or Obedience & Rally trials throughout S.A. as long as they're cut separately from
  each other and trimmed to size to replicate DogsSA's own entry forms ( 81 mm x 267 mm ) 
or they may be rejected/returned by clubs.

  These formats are not suitable for Agility / Games entries
 for which appropriate versions are available on the AgilitySA web-site
    Entry Forms
 (2016) :       Word format            .pdf format

  please note: entry forms must be separated and cut to size ( see below **)

               Apple-Mac users can download (free) Open Office to access this file 
      ** How to complete an Obedience or Rally entry form **

Please don't just guess at what's required to complete each section ..
Trials secretaries are within their rights to return/refuse any form that's submitted
incomplete, unsigned, illegible or with incorrect details, or not individually trimmed to size.

(NB: each form is to measure  81 mm x 267 mm, not '26.7' mm as in the above guide)
i.e: you need to trim 30 mm from the right hand side, 40 mm from the bottom edge,
and a sliver ( approximately 2mm.) from the top edge
( sorry: most printers won't print closer to the paper's edge )
    Obedience Title Application form ( links to  relevant DogsSA page )
              Judges scoresheets

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                  Rally scoresheets :           Individual            Judges